Up your savings by living frugally

Up your savings by living frugally

You can save a great deal by living frugally and carefully keeping an eye on your expenditures. 

We all have necessities but they don’t need to cost an arm and a leg.  We all need houses, cars and groceries but we have the control over what we pay for them.  A large car that costs a fortune to run is not a necessity. 

To get on track to financial independence below are just some of the things we do in everyday life:

We do not accumulate debt.  

If there is something we would like we save hard until the funds are there to pay in cash.  This was how I was bought up, if you didn’t have the money you can’t afford it.  I haven’t got a new car as I don’t feel that I need one.  But the one I have gets me safely to where I want to go and its cheap to run.  It is so easy nowadays to just go and borrow the money for a new car or a settee but you HAVE to pay this money back and probably with high interest rates.  

Live below our means.

Living frugally has always been a way of life for us and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  We eat home cooked meals, I drive an old car, we have entertainment that hasn’t cost an arm and a leg and I am not afraid to shop second hand if there is something that catches my eye.  

Enjoy our lives with what we have got.

Our lives are quite simple but meaningful, we don’t buy the latest gadgets that come out.  We try and go for the most practical appliances for the home.  We shop around for the best deals on everything we buy and don’t get caught up in consumerism.  

As a rule we don’t eat out in restaurants often but when we do it makes it very special.  

We don’t compare what we have to others and are not envious of what other people have.

We have our pets that bring a lot of enjoyment to our lives, the cost of keeping them is worth every penny to us.  This is an area that there are no questions asked, we took on the responsibility of being pet owners, it just means having a pet fund to cover all eventualities.

It is very rare we have branded groceries, we shop around in Aldi and Lidle and manage to keep the grocery budget to a minimum.  We do eat very healthily with home cooked meals daily, this also makes big savings by not buying ready made meals.

Put money aside

After paying all of the monthly bills, I have a system that I save a certain amount each month to different categories eg: pet fund, christmas fund, birthdays, rainy day fund and most importantly emergency fund.   By transferring these amounts each month it gives us peace of mind that these things are covered.  It doesn’t have to be a lot as every penny counts.

I hope this post living frugally has helped in some way.

Have a lovely day x

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