Lunch Box Pasties Recipe

Lunch Box Pasties Recipe

If you are looking for lunch box ideas, these lunch box pasties may just go down a storm.  I am not going to call them Cornish pasties as they are not!  After living in Cornwall most of my life true Cornish people would soon pull me up if I called them Cornish pasties.  A good old proper Cornish pasty has swede in the recipe and this one doesn’t.

Ingredients for 4 pasties.


400g plain flour

200g lard

pinch of salt

140ml cold water

For the filling:

3 medium potatoes

1 onion

300g minced beef

salt and pepper

1 beaten egg for glazing

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees C.

Firstly make the pastry by rubbing in the lard and flour to resemble breadcrumbs.  Add the water and bring the mixture together, I normally do this with a knife as the less you touch pastry with your hands the better.  Once its all combined into a ball refrigerate while you are preparing your filling.

For the filling dice the potato and onion and mix in the ground beef, add the salt and pepper and mix.

Divide the pastry into four and make into a ball, then roll out to approx 18 – 20 cm.  Try not to handle the pastry too much!  Place a handful of the filling in the center of each piece.  To make the gravy inside the pasty put a knob of butter on the top of the filling and then a sprinkle of flour this does the job.

Run around the edge of the pastry with egg wash so it holds together.  Bring the sides up to meet each other and crimp.

Place on an oven tray and egg wash each pasty.  Prick with a fork and place in the oven.

Bake for around 50 minutes until golden.

Once cooked leave on the tray to cool if you are not eating the right away.

I sometimes make 8 small pasties out of this recipe, then I have something on hand for the hungry people 🙂

A very affordable recipe as there are not too many ingredients but very tasty and filling.

I hope you enjoy my lunch box pasties recipe as much as we do 🙂

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