Jamaican Ginger Cake Recipe

Jamaican Ginger Cake Recipe

Jamaican ginger cake made by Tate and Lyle was always a favourite of our family while we were growing up.
Wanting to try and get the same kind of cake I made this Jamaican ginger cake for first time yesterday and I was so impressed at how easy it was and also it tastes really nice.  I do not think you would ever get the exact taste of the real thing but this recipe comes close enough for us.
The most important ingredient of this recipe is the black pepper, it really does give it that extra kick.


125g Golden syrup
60g Margarine
25g Self Raising Flour
100g Plain Flour
Pinch Salt
100g Sugar
1 teaspoon Bicarb
2 teaspoons Ginger
Half teaspoon Mixed Spice
Half teaspoon black pepper
125ml Full Fat Milk
1 Egg

Preheat your oven to gas mark 170´C
Line your tin with grease proof paper to stop it sticking, you can either do it in a loaf tin or a shallow tin, depending on how you want it.
I did mine in a shallow tin 9″ x 7″ and cut into fingers!
Measure 125ml of full fat milk and beat in an egg.
Sieve flour and add to the other dry ingredients and mix together.
Mix in the milk mixture and stir.
Lastly pour over the melted golden syrup and margarine and mix. It will be more like a batter than a cake mixture.
Pour into your cake tin and bake in the oven for 45 minutes.

The timing will be less if you do it in a shallow tin this one will take about 30 minutes.

ginger cake

Jamaican Ginger Cake

Hope you enjoy this Jamaican ginger cake as much as we do 🙂

Have a lovely day x

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