Is home cooking making a come back?

Is home cooking making a come back?

I would really like to think that home cooking is making a come back.  I am sure there are lots of people that do but there are still many families that do not have warming homemade dinners.

As a child I used to help cook the meals with my mother and grandmother. I would help to prepare the vegetables and other easy jobs in the kitchen.   At my grandmothers house most vegetables came out of her garden and we ate whatever was in season at that time.

We would regularly visit the butchers shop and buy the meat for the next couple of days.  In those days the food was stretched out to make enough meals to last a few days.  Cakes were made weekly and sometimes there were yummy cookies to be had, always served with a nice cup of tea.

Creating Family Time

One of the most important times were meal times where the family would come together and talk about their days adventures, either at work, school or a relaxing day.  Being one of two children we could all talk about anything that was bothering us from the day.

At school we studied home economics, which I must say was one of my favourite lessons.  Here I learnt how to do the basic food preparations, sewing, cleaning and even making the beds properly.  Isn’t it strange how some things stick in your head after so many years.

I think the problem is that people do not seem to have the time to cook a home cooked meal, after being out at work all day.  Ready made meals seem to be the go to after a long day, but this does not necessarily mean there is no other way to feed your family.

My family really appreciate a home cooked meal at the end of a busy day.  To make this possible I do batch cooking once a week or whenever I have a few hours spare.  By just giving these few hours  weekly it means my family can eat a nourishing home cooked meal every day. 

Last night I watched 2 programmes on the TV and both were about cutting back on food spending and cooking from scratch.  I really enjoyed watching and was lovely to see these families starting to cook nourishing meals for their families.  Also they found out that their grocery bill was lot cheaper than what they had previously been having. 

I do hope that home cooking is making a come back.  There are so many free recipes out there nowadays suitable for all budgets.

Have a lovely day 🙂

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