How to Make Bread flour

How to Make Bread flour

Have you ever decided to make bread and when you go to your pantry you have run out of bread flour?  It has happened to me on many occasion. The strange thing is I never seem to run out of plain all purpose flour. 

I normally try to have all the different kinds of flour sat in my pantry. I wondered if it was worth trying to make the different flours myself.  For one it would be less variations of flour to stock and another plain flour is so much cheaper than bread or self raising flour.

After thinking about it for quite some time and wondering whether it was a good idea, as I use my bread maker a lot and could it spoil my homemade bread?

Amazing Results

I decided to try first at making my own bread flour.  I was actually amazed at the results I got.  How could it be this easy and I had spent years paying more money than I needed to.  I do have the gluten flour to buy along with the plain all purpose flour but it still works out cheaper and a 500g bag lasts me quite some time.

I now use this homemade bread flour for all of my bread making and get perfect results every time.  To say I am so pleased is an understatement. It is so easy to do I make it in batches when I am making up my bread maker mixes

To Make Your Own Bread Flour

To each cup of plain all purpose flour remove 1 tbs and replace with 1 tbs of gluten flour.  Mix with a whisk to make sure it is all mixed well and that is it.

So just by storing the extra small bag of gluten flour you can make up your own bread flour in minutes and it is very satisfying too.

I hope you found this post helpful.

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