Homemade oat biscuit mix ready to go

Homemade oat biscuit mix ready to go


With our busy lifestyles there are always times we need biscuits in a hurry, whether its for hungry children, husbands or someone popping in for a quick cup of tea.  Once this oat biscuit mix is made up it takes a matter of minutes to weigh out a small quantity and pop some into the oven.  We just pop a few in the oven while cooking dinner, we then have something freshly baked with our evening cup of tea.  These biscuits have proved to be one of my husbands favourites so its really easy to keep him happy.


Ingredients for Oat Biscuit Mix:

400g Self raising flour

400g porridge oats

400g Sugar

Add all above ingredients into a bowl and mix really well with a whisk.

Once mixed put into a jar of your choice and tighten the lid.

Store in your pantry or cupboard for up to 12 weeks.


Make 12 oat biscuits here:

I hope you enjoy this mix, I am sure it will make your life a little simpler 🙂




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