Fruit Bread Mix for Breadmakers

Fruit Bread Mix for Breadmakers

This fruit bread mix is so handy to have stored in the pantry.  It doesn’t take too long to make up but when you are running short of time its easy to prepare just one loaf for the breadmaker turn it on and that’s it done!

The ingredients below makes 4 loaves ( 1 1/2 lb )

  • 12 Cups Bread flour ( 1.728kg )
  • 12 tbsn dried milk powder
  • 8 Tbsn granulated sugar
  • 6 tsp salt
  • 3 tsp cinnamon

Mix all together with a whisk, making sure it is all mixed in well.

Store in a container or jar with a tight fitting lid.

Fruit Loaf

To make a 1 1/2lb loaf of fruit bread:

I hope you are as happy with this fruit bread mix in your pantry as I am 🙂

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