Easy ways to use your glut of tomatoes

Easy ways to use your glut of tomatoes

Every summer seems to bring the tomatoes all at once.  When you have a glut of them it can be daunting on how you can use them before they go bad.  Or you may even see them very cheap at the local market if you don’t grow them yourself.  It is far cheaper to buy tomatoes in season than buying pasta sauce in a jar and tinned soup.

Below I have listed a few of the things I do to be able to last them out and not waste them.

cherry tomatoes


 Tomato soup

You can use loads at once, don’t forget to add some basil and chilli to make it tasty.

 Tomato soup

Open freeze

They are easier to skin when frozen.  Once frozen pop them in a bag and use instead of tinned tomatoes when required.

Pizza Sauce

Make some homemade pizza sauce, freeze and spread out through the winter months.

Cherry tomatoes cut in half and freeze

You can use them to top your pizza at a later date.

Spaghetti Sauce

Make up a batch and package into portions and freeze.

Stuffed tomatoes are a must!

Stuff with ground minced beef mixed with the tomato pulp are delicious and cheap to make.

Use in sandwiches

Nothing nicer than a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich for lunch.

Tomato bruschetta

Perfect for summer, simple and easy to make.  You can find the recipe here.

Tomato bruschetta

Puff pastry snacks

Nothing could be simpler if you are in a hurry with guests coming around than making these tomato and cream cheese puffs.


I hope this has given you some ideas to use up all your summer tomatoes which can last the winter too 🙂

Have a lovely day x

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