Easy victoria sponge cake recipe

Easy victoria sponge cake recipe

This easy victoria sponge cake is wonderful if you have guests popping in for afternoon tea.  Well to be honest I make it even without the guests coming 😉  But all the same it is so easy to make and you can have a wonderful cake made within the hour!


160g margarine

160g sugar

160g self raising flour

3 large eggs

Strawberry jam.

Firstly preheat your oven to 170C / gas mark 3 and line two round cake tins with grease proof paper.

Cream the margarine and butter together until light and fluffy.

Add beaten egg one at a time.

Gently fold in the sieved flour.

Pour evenly into two round greased tins.

Bake for 25 – 30 minutes until firm and golden.

Leave in the tins to cool down for approx 5 minutes and then turn out onto a  wire rack to cool.

Once cool put the filling of your choice.  I normally make mine with just spreading with strawberry jam but this time I put a little butter icing in.

Sprinkle with sugar and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this easy victoria sponge cake recipe 🙂

Have a lovely day x

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