Easy homemade tortilla recipe

Easy homemade tortilla recipe

Todays dinner is homemade Tortilla.  This recipe is so easy and one of the cheapest meals you can make for your family.  I know you can buy these already to pop in the oven but they are no where near as good as home made ones!  Originally it is made with just Potatoes, eggs. milk and onion but I added a little ham to make mine a little more exciting.

Below is the recipe and it easily does 4 portions, it can be a meal on its own or is lovely with salad or baked beans. I am sure the children will love this one!


3 medium potatoes
5 Eggs
200ml Milk
1 medium onion
Oil for frying
Salt & Pepper

Firstly wash your potatoes and pop them in the microwave until cooked. Don’t over cook them as that will make it difficult to slice. Pop them to a side once cooked and allow them to cool a little.

When they have cooled a little peel them then slice them up.

Chop up the onion.

Beat the eggs and the milk together and put a side for the moment, add some seasoning at this point.

Put a little oil in a frying pan and fry the onions until partially cooked.

Add the sliced potato and fry all together. Turn it over now and then with a spatula. Try and get it a little brown as this gives it a lovely taste.

If you want to add some ham to it then add it now.

The traditional Tortilla does not have ham in it but it is very tasty with ham.

Add your egg mixture to the frying pan and allow to cook through. Keep making holes and scrap the sides in to allow the egg mixture to seep down through and cook. The aim is to get the bottom nice and brown but cooked through.

Once cooked turn out onto a large plate. Put the frying pan back onto the heat and slide the tortilla back into the pan to allow the other side to brown off.

Once cooked turn out onto a plate.

There we have it a lovely homemade Tortilla. This recipe is so cheap and easy and can easily be changed to make it into just one portion. Just remember there is no exact way to do this recipe so play around with it and add what you want to it.

We had it with baked beans and although I say it myself it was lovely
If you are the cook of the house this is a great recipe if you are in a hurry and have to get a meal on the table quickly.
Have a good day 🙂 x

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