Chocolate mint shortbread recipe

Chocolate mint shortbread recipe

If you like peppermint you will love this delicious chocolate mint shortbread!  The peppermint just gives that extra up market touch to the shortbread, without the upmarket budget!


200g plain flour

75g caster sugar

175g butter

2 tbsp cocoa powder

400g icing sugar

Few drops peppermint flavouring

Drop of green food colouring

150g chocolate

20g butter

Preheat your oven at 180 degrees / gas mark 4

Place flour, sugar and cocoa in a bowl and mix with a wooden spoon.

Add the cut up butter and make into breadcrumbs with your finger tips.  When it starts to stick together spread out into your greased baking tray and press down so that it is even.

Bake in the pre heated oven for 40 minutes.

Once baked place to onside to let it cool.

Meanwhile sieve your icing sugar into a bowl and add a few drops of boiling water until you have a thick consistency ( not too runny ) then add few drops of peppermint flavouring and green food colouring and mix well with a wooden spoon, until all of it is the same colour.

Pour icing over the shortbread and smooth out with a pallet knife or a normal knife will do the trick.  Now let it sit and harden up for a while.

Place the broken up chocolate and butter into a glass bowl and place on the top of a saucepan of hot water, keep the water simmering on low and do not let the water touch the chocolate.  Let the chocolate melt slowly and do not stir too much.

I always add a little butter to my chocolate as it seems to cut a lot better.  Pour chocolate over the peppermint icing and once it starts to set make patterns with the back of a fork 😊

Chocolate mint shortbread recipeChocolate mint shortbread recipe

Chocolate mint shortbread recipe

Cut into the size you would like and enjoy with a nice cup of tea!

I hope you enjoyed this chocolate mint shortbread recipe.

Have a wonderful day! x


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