12 ways to keep your grocery bill down

12 ways to keep your grocery bill down

The grocery bill seems to be the most difficult to keep down, especially when shopping with the family.  I have now got the family onboard and its become a bit of a challenge on how low we can keep it.  Which I must say Im very happy about.

Firstly we write out the menu plan for the week, checking to see if we have the ingredients or if we have to buy them.  Those things then go on the shopping list.

We have got to know which supermarkets have the best deals so tend to have two lists.  We cook most things from scratch, we don’t have gourmet meals just simple homely meals.

We try to keep to similar products weekly such as salad, veg, meat and dried foods.

I have created a list below which I hope will be helpful to keep your shopping bill down.

Plan ahead with a list.

This makes shopping so much easier if you have a list to go by.  Make sure you do not buy anything that is not on the list as this is where it runs away.

Organise your food cupboard.

By keeping your food cupboard in order it will save you spending on products that you already have in stock.  Bring all of the older food to the front and place your new groceries behind, that will help you to use before the expiry date and save on waste.

Shop once a week.

Try and just go to the supermarket once a week so you just have one outgoing on food.  If you do need to pop to the shop for bread or something small take the correct change with you.

Don’t shop when you are hungry.

We have all shopped when we are hungry and seen the consequences.  Have your meal before going, you are less likely to fill your trolley.

Buy bigger bags of dried food.

When buying rice or pasta it works out cheaper when buying the larger bags and they keep well too, I keep mine in storage jars so that I can see exactly how much I have.

Avoid buying pre-made food.

Buying pre-made food works out quite expensive when shopping for a family.

Cook from scratch.

Is so much cheaper, healthier and a lot more tasty.

Use cheaper cuts of meat:

We do eat meat as you may have seen by my recipes but we are not big meat eaters.  Using cheaper cuts of meat is where the slow cooker really comes in.  It cooks even the cheapest of meat perfectly, I am a lover of brisket and stewing beef cooked slowly has such a lot of flavour.  I am one of those people that can make a piece of meat go a very long way 🙂

Let go of branded groceries.

Try out the supermarket own brands, you may just be surprised.  I know that some people say that this is a no no without even trying.  Some products really are not a lot different and if they are, after a little time you do get used to them.

Don’t be fooled by the BOGOF offers.

Buy one get one free are ok if you do really need the product on offer.  The supermarkets are quite crafty here and people do seem to pop them in their basket thinking they are getting something for free.  It is only free if it is on your shopping list and you will use it again the next week.

Calculate your spending as you go.

We can easily calculate our shopping as we go nowadays using our mobile phones.  It would probably have been a little embarrassing having a huge calculator going around the supermarket.

Make bigger portions so you have leftovers for lunch the next day.

I do this quite regularly, make a slightly bigger cottage pie, lasagne or quiche etc and have it for lunch the next day.  It doesn’t cost very much more to do one or two extra portions.

I hope this has helped you in some way to keep your grocery bill down.

Have a lovely day x

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